Key #4 to Building Irresistible Offers: Test and Tweak

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Welcome to the 4-Part Building Irresistible Offers Series!

Key 1Remove the Invisible Barrier
Key 2Give the People What They Want
Key 3Keep the Model Simple
Today’s Key 4: Test and Tweak

Key #4 to Building Irresistible Offers: Test and Tweak

Creating a powerful model or method takes a lot of sketching, planning, revising and reworking.

When you finally get your conceptual model nailed, it can be exhilarating.

  • You have a sticky name
  • You have a clear and clean framework
  • You are solving a problem that you know your ideal audience needs to solve, and one that they are willing to pay money for
  • You can tell a powerful story about it in a way that connects with ideal customers

You’re Done, Right?

Unfortunately, you can do all of the above steps well, but forget the most critical part:

Does it Work?

Every model or method has to be tested with real people in the real world.

The first time you test it, even when you have meticulously planned and scrubbed your model, your testers will likely find obviously holes or inconsistencies.

In your testing, you may find the following types of issues:

  • It works with some people, but not others
  • Your language or terminology is confusing
  • More information or explanation is needed
  • Less information or explanation is needed
  • Steps are missing
  • Key resources are needed (such as templates) that will make it more clear and powerful
  • Your beautiful method is not what people actually want to buy, and you have to go back to the drawing board

If you have done your up-front analysis well about which model and offer is most likely to sell in today’s market, then you may just have to update and tweak your model to work out the kinks.

Don’t quit too soon

It is not easy to get feedback from something you have invested lots of time, money and energy in, but it is an essential part of developing an irresistible offer.

All the clients and friends I have worked with who have strong, scalable methods that sell well in the market have spent time tweaking both the model itself as well as the marketing and sales process surrounding it.

My friend Sonia Simone wrote a great article on LinkedIn about “Why can’t I sell this thing?” that will help with the marketing side of the equation.

Build testing into your plans, improve your model each time you deliver it and invest for the long haul, and you will discover a scalable model.

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