Small Businesses


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Small businesses power our future

I am Pamela Slim, and my joy is increasing the power of business owners so you can:

Ship Your

Want to write a book, launch a course or build an app?

Start Shipping!

Get More Customers!

Feel overwhelmed with all your marketing options?

Break Overwhelm!


Sharpen Your Skills!

Need to strengthen your skills to take on new challenges?

Level Up!

Build Your Community!

Feel alone or isolated as you grow your business?

Start Building!

Our Mission

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. A vibrant, healthy small business community means a vibrant, healthy society.

At K'é (which means system of kinship in the Diné (Navajo) language), we believe in:

  • Supporting, strengthening and building the capacity of the small business community;
  • Representing and serving small business owners from every corner of our community;
  • Sharing the very best small business resources from our local, national and global community.

We have a new physical space at 126 W. Main Street in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. Learn more here!

About K'é!