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main street learning lab crew

Our source of strength: Stories from the Lab

We just closed an 8 year chapter hosting a community lab on Main Street in Downtown Mesa

By day, our space functioned as an office where we coached clients virtually, as well as hosted them in day(s)-long intensive strategy sessions.

By night and on the weekends, it was the K’é Community Lab, a vibrant community center, where we hosted small business events led by and for the community. We had diverse offerings ranging from Startup Life Support, a business owner mastermind led by Isha Cogborn, to the YouTube Creators Academy, led by Ita Udo-Ema, to Healing Circles led by Belinda Eriacho. Our mission was to increase the effectiveness, equity, and visibility of small business owners from marginalized communities including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community, and to connect these business owners with the rapidly growing opportunities in Mesa, the Phoenix metro area and beyond.

Even though the space is closed, our community partnerships and advocacy continue here

What clients are saying

  • 5
    Pam’s guidance has been integral in bringing Strength Clusters™ from an idea to an actual product and service. Her diverse programs, retreats, and one-on-one coaching provided me with all the tools, resources, support, progression, and confidence necessary to move forward from the idea into implementation. Her wholehearted belief in people, small business, and community are at the core of who she is — one of the many reasons that make the experience of working with Pam so meaningful and worthwhile.
    Giselle Segura
    Founder, Strength Clusters LLC
  • 5
    Pamela Slim is an amazing coach with BIG heart and the expertise to help her clients realize their vision. With a varied background as a former corporate executive, a founder of a non-profit organization, best-selling author and speaker, and leader of an online community, Pam is able to provide guidance on just about any type of business venture you want to establish or grow. To her clients, she is an awesome cheerleader, support system, advisor, thought partner, and dear friend throughout the ups and downs of growing a business. She is the best at mapping out the practical, step-by-step action plans for your projects and big ideas. She lives her values, listens deeply, cares about your success, and will go above and beyond to support you in every way.
    Rasheryl McCreary
    CEO of TAO Leadership Development, Inc., Certified Leadership Coach
  • 5
    The world of online business sometimes seems like a clowns’ bazaar — vapid with hype, painted masks and overheated bluster. Enter Pam Slim, whose integrity cuts through the noise and shines a clear light on what business is really all about — serving people, growing a body of work anchored in truth and wisdom, building a community in which people support, celebrate and uplift each other. Her own body of work is impeccable, her heart immense. She shares her skill and experience with the generosity and humility of a true leader. Her commitment to family, community, and grounded, sustainable entrepreneurship is a gift that informs everything she does. If you have the opportunity to work with her, seize it — you’ll be so glad you did.
    Hiro Boga
    Writer, Teacher, Mentor to visionary leaders
  • 5
    Pam Slim helped coach Quiet Revolution as we were developing our brand and strategy. She approaches her client work with the most positive of spirits and open of hearts.
    Susan Cain
    Bestselling Author, Quiet, co-founder, Quiet Revolution