How to frame a successful, abundant and productive year

If you are anything like me, you might have looked at the memes about 2023 and thought:

Yep — I don’t want to repeat that again!

When we have individually and collectively lived through hard years, it is easy to feel scared and stuck that history will repeat itself.

Two things are true:

1) There are a lot of things we can’t predict and don’t have control over.

2) There are a lot of things we can control and those are the things we are going to focus on as we frame a successful, productive and abundant year.

Components of a helpful frame for 2024:

Renew Your Commitment

Why are you doing this entrepreneurial journey again?

Is it still worth it? Why?

If it isn’t worth it, there is no shame at getting a temporary (or long-term) W2 job. This is one of the primary reasons I wrote Body of Work – to normalize the fact that all work modes are honorable.

If it is worth it, get clear and real with your mission and purpose.

Put the answer to this question somewhere prominent on your work desk:

I am committed to growing my business in 2024 because:

Look Your Finances in the Eye

No matter how full or empty your coffers might be at the beginning of this year, you need to get extremely clear with both your personal and business finances.

On the business finance side, I always recommend reading or listening to Profit First.

When you know exactly what you have and what you need, you will have much more focus in both pricing and planning offers as well as executing your business development each month.

Know the answer to these questions:

How much do I need to make each month?
What are my key expenses each month, quarter and year?

Set Up Your Group Chats (with discernment!)

Who is your crew this year? You need to be extremely rigorous about the people you have in your close circle, especially if you are experiencing any kind of challenge.

You want truth tellers who have your back with compassion and are not afraid of words like “you can do it!” “I love you!” and “enough with the same bullshit, time for a change!”

You cannot do big things alone.

Answer this question:

Who do I need in my group chats this year to make sure I stay honest, motivated and on track?

Let the People Know What You Are Up To!

You don’t have to have every program or offering finished for the entire year, but you do want to let your community of clients and prospective clients know what you are working on this quarter.

Share this information in the following ways:

  • Newsletter update
  • On LinkedIn and/or Instagram
  • If you want a different twist, you could do a physical mailing

It is never to early to let folks know the answer to this question:

What are you offering this quarter?

Organize for Action

Now is the time to archive those unread messages that you will never read, file those papers on your desk and clean up your message cloud folders.

Block and hour or two before the month is over to clean up, streamline and organize.

Answer this question:

What about my daily operations bothers me and gets in the way of progress?

Spending a little time in each of these areas will make sure that when unpredictable things happen, you will be ready for them.

Let’s activate some powerful work in 2024!

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