“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
-George Bernard Shaw


Pamela Slim is a passionate, engaging speaker with proven advice for building careers in the “new world of work” – a world filled with economic instability, rapid change, increased demands on leadership, work-life balance pressures and 24 hour a day social media sharing.

She has spoken to hundreds of audiences throughout her career, including Google, Intel, Dell, Harvard, Citrix and TEDx.

“Pam is a world-class storyteller and her unique life experience gives her unlimited material. Her empathy and compassion for others allows her inspire and truly connect with the audience in a way that only the best speakers can.”
– Clay Hebert

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What you can expect working with Pam


Pam’s speaking style is warm and accessible. As a seasoned speaker and workshop leader, she engages her audiences in her presentations, making them feel both comfortable and energized.

Pam’s audience at the WISE Symposium in New York, having fun figuring out which way they want to “lean in” to change


Pam places a high value on developing a strong relationship with meeting planners and clients. She researches extensively for her speaking engagements, and makes sure to customize talks to fit the specific needs of the audience. Her deep background in speaking, training and development means that her events are professional, relevant and stress-free.


“In 2012 I was determined to recruit Pam Slim to speak at our Software Professionals conference. Every year there had always been one speaker on career development. But no serious thought was given to the subject and for several years running it was the same internal speaker covering the exact same, standard material. Having heard Pam @ WDS, I was determined to do better.  I was so excited when she proposed to cover a new topic area [from the yet to be published “Body of Work.”.] For people working in IT, where technologies can come in and out of vogue in so few years, this was an important concept to share. She showed up on schedule, gave an excellent presentation and then stayed around answering questions until every participant was satisfied. She must be a hard act to follow, because the following year the internal person didn’t offer to present again.”
-Laurie Ann Silberman, Intel

Engaged Community

Pam has a broad, passionate, diverse and smart network. Where appropriate for public events, Pam engages with her large social media following and gives a positive social boost to conferences. With over 39,000 followers on Twitter, she is known for driving traffic and engagement to companies, causes and events.
She loves playing 6 Degrees of Separation games, because she always wins.

Pam and her community at the kickoff event for Body of Work in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Ivan Martinez Photography.

Selected Speaking Topics:


Building a Powerful Body of Work in an Unstable World

These days, it’s increasingly rare to have a stable career in any field. Markets shift, leadership changes and business strategies pivot depending on quarterly earnings. How can you lead your own career, and the career of others, in this changing environment?

In this talk, Pam gives you the framework and tools to lead and manage meaningful careers in the new world of work. She shows how to find the connections among diverse accomplishments, sell your story, and continually reinvent and re-launch your personal brand.

“We are hardwired for story and no one gets that more than Pamela Slim. BODY OF WORK is a powerful and transformative book. Before this book, my journey from waiting tables to vulnerability researcher and teacher never made sense. Now, after reading BODY OF WORK and completing the exercises, I get it. Not only does it help me understand where I’ve been – it’s renewed my passion for where I’m going and why. ”
—Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly

“Pam Slim has written THE modern career handbook.  Her advice, spunk, and spirit make it a joy to read.”
–Robert Sutton, Stanford Professor, author of Scaling Up Excellence

High-Impact Collaboration

The quality of the work you do is directly related to the quality of the people in your network. How do you identify your best peers, technical mentors and High Council of Jedi Knights? How to do approach influential and busy people in a way that gets results and attention, without being pushy? How do you create a passionate and enthusiastic group of prospects, customers and fans?
In this talk, Pam shares secrets from her own network building including:

  • Your three critical network circles
  • The power of avatars, ecosystems and watering holes
  • Building partnerships with diverse communities
  • Building community with peers, partners and customers on social media

Crafting the Story of Your Personal Brand

To thrive in today’s new world of work, you need a strong personal brand. When people Google your name, what do they find? What message do you want to convey about yourself to employers, clients and partners? Personal brands are not carefully crafted scripts, they are living, breathing, dynamic interactions between you and the people you care about influencing.
In this talk, Pam shares the keys to building a strong, authentic personal brand including:

  • How to identify the foundation of your personal brand – your roots and ingredients
  • Finding the thread between your diverse interests and experiences
  • Creating a full-color, full-contact communication plan
  • Sharing your story with the world in a way that gets results

Half and whole day workshops are also available for these keynotes.

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