What to do if what has always sold before doesn’t sell now

“WTF is happening in the market?!?” may be the tagline of 2024.

Many business owners are finding that what has sold well before is not selling now.

“Sure thing” products or programs no longer stand up to the uncertainty of the market.

And while sectors of the economy are cruising along at high altitude (AI and live events, anyone?), many people are feeling like they need some re-imagining of their offerings.

Let’s look at some core reasons why your great thing may not be bringing in the cash it deserves:

1. Your folks have full bellies

We can all get complacent with the lovely community of friends and clients that surround our work. You may find that for years, people enthusiastically pile into or repeat your favorite programs. Until they don’t.

Your clients can love your work, but they may feel deeply satisfied with what you have offered, and either don’t need anymore, or may be ready to taste some dishes from other people.

This is why we need to consistently look for new watering holes to connect with new audiences that share needs and values with your favorite tried and true clients.

What to do about it:

1. Read or listen to The Widest Net, especially Chapter 5!
2. Execute Tiny Marketing Actions with new professional crushes and PB&J partners.
3. Look for opportunties to collaborate with PB&J partners, like co-hosting events, webinars, or swapping podcast visits.

2. External conditions are influencing buying habits

Even though overall economic indicators are good, everyone is feeling the pinch at the grocery store and gas station.

You may need to work on some options for payment to make investing with you less scary.

1. Offer flexible pricing models, such as subscription services or bundled packages, to make your offerings more appealing during tough economic times
2. Optimize your operations to reduce costs without compromising service quality. This can involve automating processes, renegotiating supplier contracts, or adopting lean management practices.

3. You have a copy or design emergency

The more years I spend in business, the more I respect both designers and copywriters. You can have the best product in the world, but if it is not packaged professionally and if your sales copy is not structured effectively, people will not buy it.

What to do about it:

Learn about and apply conversion copywriting. Or hire a great copywriter here: https://caples.io/

Learn if your brand colors are hurting your sales. For the most fun color quiz ever, go here: https://jnicholesmith.com/

If you are ready to really focus and grow, book a Clarity Session or Surefire Strategy (TM) with Big Bold Brand.

4. Your ROI is not apparent

Buyers are getting more discerning about where they invest their dollars. You need to make a very clear business case in your marketing and sales copy that lays out why your service is effective, and how people can expect to get value including a strong return on investment.

What to do about it:
1. Create a value matrix from this pricing workbook
2. Pull out fresh testimonials to include on your website and sales materials
3. Write a featured case study of a successful client project that highlights concrete benefits they received from working with you

5. It’s time to switch it up!

Maybe people are not buying your stuff because you are tired of selling and delivering it!

It may be time to reflect on new ways you can deliver your services, or potentially do new things altogether.

What to do about it:

1. Carve time out to reflect on your skills, strengths and ingredients. (Body of Work can help)
2. Ask your clients what they really want through questions like:
-If you could wave a magic wand and have one thing solved in your business, what would it be?
-How do you wish my services were delivered?
-What are you tired of dealing with with (coaches) (consultants) (service providers)? What do you wish they would do?
-What are you craving these days?

While there is no magic bullet to fix sales problems, by working on some of these areas, you can zero in on what is stopping sales and get back to feeling more in control of your pipeline.

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