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The brand new space at K’é is coming along brilliantly!

You have been riding with me for a long time. Some of you met me when I was sitting in my home office, typing my blog with one hand as a cradled my son Josh in the other.

Others met me at one of many conferences I have spoken at or attended over the last decade.

Maybe you attended a workshop when I headed out last Fall for a tour across country.

Today marks a brand new chapter.

For the last week, I have been moving into our new small business community space at K’é. The outpouring of love and support has been amazing. Friends, neighbors and family have been moving, cleaning, tearing down walls, fixing floors, and painting.

The other day, I ordered a latte across the street at Volstead. I guess she gave me the wrong cup, because a few minutes later, I heard a knock on the back door. It was the barista, apologizing for putting in the wrong milk, and delivering a new, fresh nonfat latte to my back door.

We are creating a home, and a place for businesses to grow

As you know, I have been running an Indiegogo campaign to help bring this space to life. We need all kinds of things to make this a fully-functional and radically comfortable and inspirational place to grow businesses. Furniture. Paint. Massive white boards. A/V equipment to broadcast great virtual classes.

I cannot do this alone.

Today, we have the opportunity to fully fund the project with a massive matching campaign.

I pitched an idea to the strongest companies here in the Valley — Tuft & Needle, Infusionsoft and GoDaddy. I asked if on one day before the end of the campaign, they would join hands and become a Trifecta of Awesome (my term, #BecauseSuperheroMovies) and each match dollar for dollar of campaign contributions, up to $5000. To my great delight, they all readily agreed.

Today is that day.

Each dollar you contribute today, Thursday, July 7, between 6am Pacific and midnight Pacific will be matched by $3 from our Trifecta of Awesome (Tuft & Needle, Infusionsoft and GoDaddy), up to a daily cumulative total of $5000. So here is how your contributions will be amplified with the match:

$1 becomes $4.

$8 becomes $32.

$50 becomes $200.

$100 becomes $400.

$500 becomes $2000.

(You get the math).

As of this morning, we have raised $10,063. So if you all pitch in and make this happen, by the end of today, we will have raised (at least) $5,000, which will be matched by $15,000. This means we will HIT OUR GOAL TODAY AND MAKE ME CRY TEARS OF JOY.

Your support matters

What I know about community building is that I cannot do it alone. I will pour my heart and soul into creating a powerful space that will nurture small business. I will share lessons to help your businesses grow all around the world. We have a big mission.  I need your help to make this work.

Any amount is appreciated!

Contribute here by Midnight Pacific, today, Thursday, July 7, and have each dollar matched by 3.


Follow our adventures on FB livestream today

In a couple of hours, my whole family is headed out on the road across the valley. We are going to visit each of our sponsor locations, and do live streams with our partners there. We will broadcast from K’é. We may even ambush the Mayor of Mesa, if he will have us. My daughter Rosie will be conducting the interviews, and we will be her crew.

There will be laughter. And connection. And joy, as we watch contributions come in and see our goal attained.

Follow along with our family shenanigans here:


Please share this campaign!

Tell your friends about this campaign! You can share right from the Indiegogo campaign, or share this post.

Thank you!

Nothing is more rewarding than building something together. Thank you to all of you who have been so massively supportive with not just contributions, but offers to help, encouraging words, and introductions and connections.

Mesa, and the world, is not ready for the awesome that will open on August 13 at K’é.

Let’s do this!

Help hit our goal here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-accelerate-small-business-in-mesa-az#/

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