With so much in flux, what can we do now to grow our business in 2020 and beyond?

Introducing:  Tiny Marketing Actions

An 8 week online experience to gain Marketing Momentum for your business

 I want to help you do something now to speed up your marketing momentum, no matter your level of resource, amount of time or technology available.. 

Class starts on September 22! 

We may be stalled, but we won't be stopped

In today’s current unpredictable and possibly forever changed business landscape due to COVID-19, it is very easy to feel paralyzed and have no idea what to do to market your business.

Taking no action will guarantee your business won’t stabilize or recover. Taking action with no plan and without using the appropriate marketing tone may turn off a skittish market and stall your efforts.

If you’re like most small business owners, you have a lot on your plate, including working from home, taking care of children, pets or elder relatives.

Your focus and mood might change from hour to hour, or even minute to minute.

And amongst everything that’s going on, for a variety of different reasons - you’re experiencing obstacles and resistance to marketing your business.

It’s actually very common to be stuck in a holding pattern - just waiting. Especially when everyone around you is feeling uncertain.

This situation can be for a variety of reasons …

  • You could be waiting for a time when you feel better
  • You could be waiting for a time when you’re less busy
  • You could be waiting for a time when you know more so you can do it correctly
  • You could be waiting for a time when you have the perfect team in order to get it all done

Which situation applies to you right now? Or does your situation embrace more than one of them?

The unfortunate truth is that while you’re stuck in each of these most normal and natural points of resistance in this uncertain time - you stop seeding new opportunities. And if you stop seeding now, when so much is still shut down, as our economy slowly reopens and things begin to get moving again, you will have no new sprouts of opportunity.

I’m Pam Slim, and I want to talk to you about how we can make a concrete plan and start seeding opportunities for the future, while caring for our emotional and mental health.

My sitting on a rock and sobbing moment

In the economic crash of 2008, my youngest child Angie was a few months old. I was exhausted from lack of sleep, coaching clients all day and writing Escape from Cubicle Nation, a book about the wisdom of quitting your corporate job to start a business (!).

My husband’s construction business was in free-fall. It felt like from one day to the next, all his projects had stopped. He was left holding the bag on huge expenses.

It was terrifying.  

I would wake up each night at 3am in a blanket of dread.

About 5am one morning, not being able to go back to sleep, I got up and went outside and sat on a large rock in our front yard. Watching the sun come up over the Superstition Mountains to our east, I started sobbing. It all felt too much, and too heavy.

Once the heaving stopped, I looked back at the mountains. I felt them looking back at me with the gaze of a wise grandfather. 

And I thought “I wonder what they think of us humans here, running around in so many directions and going on an emotional roller coaster each day.”I imagined all the seasons that those mountains had towered over. All that they had seen with the plants, animals and humans around them.

And a deep calm came over me.  I felt the enduring steadiness of the Superstitions Mountains. 

In that moment, there was nothing I could do about the overall economy. I could not make construction projects start to move again. But what I could do was focus on seeding the opportunity in my business that was there in front of me each day. 

Darryl and I did not get out of our situation quickly, nor unscathed. 

But I learned a vital lesson about focusing on what I could control each day -- taking tiny steps like writing regularly, reaching out on social media to build my community and planting seeds for collaborations by connecting with interesting partners. These tiny marketing actions saved my business,  saved our family and reinforced my belief in the power of small actions leading to big opportunities.

Traditional marketing strategy may feel overwhelming right now.

You have probably heard some great advice about building a robust marketing plan and infrastructure for your business. In fact, I have said things like:

  • Create relevant content (and be consistent on a daily and weekly basis)
  • Design and build marketing funnels
  • Implement automation software
  • Hire a team to do your marketing for you

These are all very important and effective parts of building your marketing operations. 

But right now, when resources, time and focus are tight, it can be hard to make big investments or big moves.  

Every day, I hear my clients say “I have to do everything all at the same time, and I'm totally overwhelmed."  The day to day of running your business is all encompassing.  

Marketing should not be a gigantic tidal wave of activity followed by two months of eating Ben and Jerry's and watching Netflix, because you're just so tired from all of it (even though that is basically my every evening while social distancing).

Having worked with thousands of small businesses, what’s clear is that it’s not enough to just understand marketing.  If knowledge alone was all that was needed, everyone would be wildly successful, and we all would be eating fresh coconuts on a beach somewhere..

When stress is big, go small. 

I want to help you do something now to speed up your marketing momentum, no matter your level of resource, amount of time or technology available.

In my work with clients growing their businesses these last 4 years, I have created a method called Tiny Marketing Actions (TMA) that has generated unbelievable results.

I define Tiny Marketing Actions as small daily marketing actions, delivered consistently over a long period of time, to build your brand, your business and your bank account.

When I implemented the methodology with each new client, at first it seemed so simple as to be almost insulting.

How in the world can you turn around a stalled pipeline by sending one email to a past favorite colleague, and responding to one email in your inbox?

The fact is, you don’t turn around a stalled pipeline with two tiny actions.

You get un-stalled by taking two tiny marketing actions today. Then two tomorrow. Then two the next day. And so on.

And in a short period of time, in what sometimes feels like magic, opportunities begin to knock on your door.

That super cold lead from a prospect that maybe kind of sort of potentially wanted to work with you three months ago suddenly shows up ready to purchase. Not because they suddenly had a realization that you were great, but because your Tiny Marketing Action of reaching out to them with a check in email hit them at the perfect time and they realized they need to take action now.

The more you execute Tiny Marketing Actions, the more momentum you feel.

More momentum creates more resources of time, energy and money.

With this increased energy, you start working on the bigger parts of your marketing operations: planning, strategy and systems.

And it all starts with one tiny action. You can do this.

Introducing Tiny Marketing Actions: 

The 8 Week Experience.

This spring, my partner Rachel Kersten and I designed and launched a brand new 8 Week Tiny Marketing Actions experience, and took over 100 business owners through it. Participants ranged from seasoned consultants to real estate agents to side hustlers.

The experience and results were phenomenal.

From the first week, participants were taking action and connecting with potential clients. 
We had rich and helpful dialogue in the online group forum.
Friendships and alliances were formed among participants.
Mailing lists grew, sales were made and visibility increased for participants.
And through an extremely difficult external environment, we stayed grounded and moving forward, together.

3 Elements

What are the 3 key elements of Tiny Marketing Actions?

Let me break down the concepts behind the class a bit more so you understand the components of Tiny Marketing Actions. Then, below, we break down the 8 week schedule, and describe all that is included in this course. 

Planting Seeds
Tiny Steps

We often think about business marketing in epic terms, like coordinating a six-figure launch, or undertaking a massive Facebook advertising campaign. 

In fact, most stable, enduring businesses grow one small seed at a time. 

One helpful tweet at a time. 

One presentation to a small audience at a time. 

One prospective client call at a time. 

Always be planting your seeds.

ecosystems & Watering Holes
Strategic Steps

Business doesn’t happen in a bubble.  You’re part of a larger ecosystem.

The Client Ecosystem is a key concept that will help you to grow your customer base more quickly and effectively.  Your ideal clients live within a broader ecosystem, and they belong to associations, attend events,  read books, follow Influencers, take training, use technology and look for answers in many places.

Many of these places are “watering holes” - places in person and online where large numbers

of your ideal clients congregate. 

When you identify these places that your ideal client goes to find answers - the answers to the same problem that you help them solve --  you instantly have access to many many many more customers.

Consistent action
Consistent Steps

Effective marketing is as much a function of good habits as it is a function of good strategy.

And it is the small, consistent habits that create big wins.

With Tiny Marketing Actions, we have broken down the exact steps that you need to take each week, so that you can get out of your own way, and start taking action immediately.  

We also address the mindsets and stories that allow you to fall off the marketing wagon, despite your best intentions.

Client Example: Summer of Seeding

My wickedly smart client Heather Krause is a data scientist based in Toronto. We started working together to build her new initiative designed to reduce bias in data science, called We All Count.

Heather built her new site, set up her newsletter and created a Facebook page, but was perplexed how to build a real audience for her project.

We laughed hysterically during our coaching calls about our different styles. I am the first out on the dance floor at a wedding and can talk to anyone, anywhere about business. Heather falls more on the introvert scale, and gets drained by spending too much time on social media.

So we developed a strategy for Tiny Marketing Actions that was tailored to her style. Due to Heather’s expertise in data science, there were a lot of opportunities for connections across her ecosystem with thought leaders in academic, non-profit and business sectors.

I assigned Heather homework with instructions like this: “send a short email to each person on your list of thought leaders and invite them to a 15 minute get to know you Zoom call.”

A few days later, Heather sent me an email. “I feel kind of silly for asking, but can you break this down in more detail? I have no idea exactly what to say, since marketing like this feels so foreign to me.”

I wrote the draft email in a fill in template, so that she could add her own voice. 

This was the key that unlocked Heather’s marketing momentum. She started getting so comfortable with these activities that she had conversations every week with exceptionally smart and connected peers.

She became so motivated by the results that she dedicated a whole summer to TMAs, expanding the frequency and types of marketing activities. She called it her “Summer of Seeding.” 

When I talked with her in early winter, she gushed:

“Remember back when we started, and I had no idea how to build an audience? All those seeds I planted in the summer have created a forest of opportunities. Every day I get new client inquiries, invitations to speak, new followers on We All Count and requests to partner with other consultants on client projects.”

There was never a question about the value that Heather’s We All Count initiative would bring to the world of data science. With consistent Tiny Marketing Actions connecting her with her ideal audience, the value is realized, and as a result she is creating a more equitable and just world through her work.

Tiny Marketing Actions - The 8 Week Experience

Rachel and I have created this course so that you’ll perfect the practice of Tiny Marketing Actions, you will access over a hundred TMA recipes and will remove the obstacles that prevent you from marketing so you can gather true momentum.

What will we learn together?

After completing the Tiny Marketing Actions 8 Week Experience, you will be able to:

  • Understand the anatomy of your own marketing habits, and how to shift ineffective patterns
  • Know how to execute Tiny Marketing Actions on a daily and weekly basis to grow your business
  • Access over 100 client-tested specific “recipes” for Tiny Marketing Actions that allow you to seed opportunities easily every day
  • Identify where Tiny Marketing Actions fit into your strategic marketing plan
  • Connect with a brilliant and inspiring community of other small business owners (ask anyone who has taken a class with Pam over the past decade and they will tell you that the community surrounding her body of work is incredible.)
  • Determine how to operationalize Tiny Marketing Actions into your daily, weekly, monthly and annual business plans 
  • Determine where your business fits in the bigger ecosystem surrounding your ideal clients
  • Create opportunities with TMA’s, even when you’re overwhelmed, tired, sad or busy.

Are you ready to gain some marketing momentum?

Curious what we’re going to cover each week?   

Although we are including rich content to give you appropriate context and frameworks to organize your marketing, this entire class is designed around tiny actions. You will not have hours and hours of homework.

Here's our fun and action-packed outline:


Lesson 1: Introduction to TMA Principles
Tuesday, September 22 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Orientation & Ground Rules
  • The TMA Principle: Small, consistent action builds big wins
  • Anatomy of Habits & Self Talk - Your new predisposition to action over perfection
  • Getting Started with your first TMAs


Lesson 2: The Bigger Picture
Tuesday, September 29 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Creating a Mini Plan
  • Understanding your Audience, Ecosystem and Marketing Channels
  • Choosing your Beacons
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs


Lesson 3: The Types of TMAs
Tuesday, October 6 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern

  • Your marketing lens
  • The difference between Transactional and relational TMAs
  • Building a plan with purpose
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs


Lesson 4: Getting Unstuck 
Tuesday, October 13 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • How to start, sustain, reset and get out of the spin from this day forward
  • What does frustration look like for you? (and how to get past it)
  • Sharpening the techniques & getting better at your habits.
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs

After establishing a solid foundation in the first 4 weeks,
we're going to continue to build and expand in the next 4 weeks.   


Lesson 5: Setting feasible goals and measuring results
Tuesday, October 20 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Checking in: Are you excited about what you’re doing & making strategic choices?
  • Creating monthly and quarterly targets
  • What to measure, how to refine, adapt, adjust and prioritize your TMAs
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs


Lesson 6: Operationalizing your marketing
Tuesday, October 27 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Creating systems that create TMA sustainability
  • The best ways to use automation (where it makes sense)
  • The ins & outs of hiring an assistant, a team & allocating resources
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs


Lesson 7: Bigger Vision & Bigger Wins
Tuesday, November 3 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Maintaining your voice/brand in the marketing activities through your Brand Backbone
  • How to decide where your best focus is... once you have the little things handled.
  • Expanding your voice and impact
  • Taking action with this week’s TMAs


Lesson 8: Broadening your horizons
Tuesday, November 10 from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern
  • Expanding the audience for your products and services
  • Harnessing the energy of a community 
  • Learnings from other businesses and industries
  • Driving Innovation and Sustainability with TMAs

Are you ready to gain some marketing momentum? 

If so, click "Get Started," otherwise keep reading...

Tiny Marketing Actions: 8 Week Experience

 I want to help you do something now to speed up your marketing momentum, no matter your level of resource, amount of time or technology available.  This class will teach you how to make a concrete plan and start seeding opportunities for the future, while caring for our emotional and mental health.  Tiny Marketing Actions are small daily marketing actions, delivered consistently over a long period of time, to build your brand, your business and your bank account.

  • Action-oriented

  • A community to share ideas and feel committed to tiny, imperfect actions each day

  • Fun, encouraging and effective. We celebrate daily progress.  We do not believe in shame; we believe in accountability.

  • The perfect companion to a good marketing strategy and big ideas. We take possibilities and turn them into real action.

What This Course IS NOT
  • Overwhelming

  • Filled with tons of complex content that takes forever to finish

  • A replacement for the longer-term strategic work you will do to build your marketing platform and system

  • For people who are not ready to start taking small steps to build their business today, with the resources they currently have

Tiny Marketing Actions make it easy to create
Marketing Momentum

How would your life be different if you were successful in your marketing ?

  • You would be excited to see new leads coming into your email box 
  • You would have more opportunities to be sharing your expertise 
  • You would be invited on more podcasts 
  • You would have partnership opportunities & referral partners 
  • You would make more money because you would have a bigger pipeline
  • You would have people sign up for your programs and buy your products
  • Your work would get out into the world, and make a true difference

Focus on what you can control

We can’t promise that you will hit all of your goals.  But what we can promise is that you will have a much better chance at doing either if you build what you can right now, despite imperfect circumstances.

When we look back at this time in our history, we will see it for what it is: a major fork in the road where we get to decide if we will live with fear and despair, or if we pick up our skills, talents and will and build a more stable, equitable and sustainable world.

Together, we can and will make a change.

Are you ready to join us?

Tiny Marketing Actions: The 8 Week Experience

An 8 week online course to gain Marketing Momentum for your business

Here’s how the program works:

  • Live Interaction: We’ll have a live online class each week, followed by a Q&A session.  If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll record the session and post it in the online TMA course site. Live classes are on Tuesdays from 9-10am Pacific/12-1pm Eastern on September 22, 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3 and 10. Optional 30 minute Q&A sessions will take place after each live class.
  • Class Materials: The course is online and includes videos, transcripts and handouts.
  • Facebook Live: Pam will go live in the TMA 8 Week Experience Facebook group twice a week to answer questions and provide feedback and ideas for your TMAs
  • Actionable Steps: You’ll be provided with specific TMA Opportunities each week.  After you get into the swing of things, we’ll show you how to create your own plan and continue the momentum.
  • Community: Interact with your fellow action takers and be inspired by what they’re doing in our Facebook group.  

Are you ready?

Join Tiny Marketing Actions Today

Tiny Marketing Actions  - The 8 week Experience.   
Gain Marketing Momentum for your business.

$ 499.00

Also Available in 2 Payments. 

Simply click on Enroll Now.

 An 8 week online course to build your brand, your business and your bank account.


  • Weekly Online Classes with Live Interaction
  • Video Recordings in case you can’t attend live
  • Class Materials: Workbooks, Transcripts and Handouts.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions following the online class
  • Facebook Live Jam Sessions - Including Q&A, feedback, ideas, advice and help moving forward
  • Actionable Steps
  • Community
  • Plus, over 100 TMA “recipes” for Tiny Marketing Actions

Payment Options available

when you click Enroll Now.

Risk-Free, 7-Day Guarantee

You can rest easy with our full 7-day “no questions asked” guarantee.  Join us for the first full week of the course.  If you don’t see a clear path to better marketing, just cancel in writing within 7 days of the program start and receive a full refund.  Your receipt will come from Ganas Consulting, LLC, Pam's holding company.

Curious about past participants from the
Tiny Marketing Actions 8 Week Experience?
Here is their verbatim feedback at the end of the program

We asked: Why did you sign up for Tiny Marketing Actions?

  • Because I need to market and tiny actions are all I can handle :-)
  • I need to create more visibility in my business and generate a more consistent sales funnel.
  • I've been making marketing too hard.
  • My previous actions for marketing my business were pretty minimal and I decided it's time to change that.
  • I wanted to develop a bigger vision for the work I do.
  • To learn and implement a structured approach for marketing.
  • I'd recently lost a major source of the projects that gave me income, and I wanted to improve my marketing skills.
  • I'm re-entering the coaching arena and wanted a framework to help me get started. 
  • I was looking for small, consistent ways to implement marketing that wouldn't overwhelm me and that I could make into habits - and I also needed some ideas on how to do this.
  • I wanted to use it to think about steps to build/rebuild my business.
  • A friend recommended it, it sounded good.
  • I knew it would be fun!
  • To see marketing in a new way and to get ideas for promoting my coaching. 
  • Learn about new marketing tactics .
  • I was looking for better and easier ways to do marketing for my side hustle.
  • To gain more insights, tools and ideas about how to market my consulting and coaching business. Specifically for marketing activities that were relatively easy and did not require a ton of time to execute.
  • My business was completely turned upside down at the inception of covid, halting the first-in-a-lifetime momentum that I had built up as a result of my book launch last fall. I wondered if I could even do it again: build up the momentum and excitement. I wasn't sure quite how to move forward and what to offer. 
  • I wanted to stretch into uncomfortable action.
  • Marketing is always an area I can use some help with.
  • I knew that the other people signing up would be top-notch and good people for me to know.
  • I wanted to have some accountability and community as I seek to attract more people to serve with my approach and content.
  • I wanted to simplify and humanize how I market my business and commit to practices that felt aligned with my personality and values.
  • I loved the title and it sounded like something that was doable.
  • Wanted to get a friendlier relationship with marketing and to get super specific actions to take. Box checked!

We asked: Tiny Marketing Actions saved me time by ...

  • Helping me focus my marketing actions.
  • Providing a structure for how to market regularly and manageably
  • Helping me be less overwhelmed so that I could start taking action.
  • Keeping me focused on small, simple steps.
  • Giving me a lot of options to test and try.
  • Providing short recipes to follow, making it easy to stick to a marketing action after a long day at my day job
  • Taking the decision-making out of marketing. All I had to do was choose from the recipe cards.
  • Not getting distracted and fussing with tactics that don't feel easy or right for me
  • Not having to think about what else to do.
  • Cutting to the chase. The little recipe cards sum up an ACTION and make it clear: did you do that? OK, then check the box and move on.

What results came from Tiny Marketing Actions?

We asked: Tiny Marketing Actions supported my brand by ... 

  • Helping me structure my brand marketing - in ways I actually feel like I can do
  • Helped me feel comfortable continuing to get the word out.
  • Offering a broad range of ideas that I could draw from to market my business MY way.
  • Seeding ideas for how to blend two seemingly disparate aspects of my brand
  • Helping me do new things to drive marketing like creating a playlist for my audience.
  • Making me feel more confident about my offer and giving a kinder approach to marketing
  • Creating structure for my marketing.
  • Offering so many marketing options, that I could cherry-pick what best fit my natural style.
  • Helping me to promote my brand consistently.
  • Keeping it simple
  • Inviting me how to think deeply about what I have been doing and why I have been doing it, outside of making a buck
  • Making me realize that I had all the ingredients to get my message out there, I just needed some structure to do so.
  • Aligning my actions and intention for marketing with my core values and personality - it doesn't feel sleazy to market!

We asked: Tiny Marketing Actions gave me this specific return on investment ...

  • I paid for the course with the coaching revenue I generated by implementing the plan!
  • I started more regularly posting on social media - but more importantly, I began talking differently about what I'm offering - and ended up getting a partner!!!!!!
  • The structure helped me immensely and gave me hope and focus at this time.
  • I feel like I learned both the macro and the micro aspects of a good marketing plan.
  • One new client!
  • More people on my email list
  • I signed up two new clients in a month (£1000 value)
  • I followed one of the Tiny Marketing Actions on the second week of the program and re-engaged an old client for a new project!
  • I am launching a brand new program!!!
  • It helped me value and notice results I may not have seen otherwise.
  • One large new client
  • A new client.
  • A step by step process to think through marketing in a structured way
  • By helping me focus on how I enjoy connecting and marketing, and I believe it helped me to get some great clients in during my experience in the class
  • I now market more consistently and with less anxiety
  • By renewing my enthusiasm for marketing.

Here’s what participants say about the

Tiny Marketing Actions 8 Week Experience:

Belinda Noakes


 A framework to support marketing

If the word "prospect" makes you cringe and you hate clinical, numbers-driven approaches to marketing - this program is for you. I'd been waiting for permission to stop doing anything that felt remotely like hustling and Pam gave me that. Finally I found a framework that can support me to do marketing the way I've always wanted to -- one small human interaction at a time. Thank you Pam for the heart and courage you bring to the business world I truly love your work.

Jessica Williams


Community and ecosystem

I am a huge fan of baby steps and taking small steps to move forward. Tiny Marketing Actions was right up my alley. What I loved were the variety of things you could do for your business that counted as marketing! And I also learned how to think of marketing and my community as more of an ecosystem. It was truly a wonderful class and I am excited to dig into the materials again and again as I set up my marketing systems these coming months.

Audrey Kwan


Quick results

I joined Tiny Marketing Actions because I wanted to have sustainable and doable marketing actions that weren't overwhelming and this course delivers! The most impactful thing about this course is that it provides small actions that can be done over time that creates a powerful habit. Before I knew it, I was asking myself what "TMA" did I take today and started to see how one small action led to lots of action over time. Speaking of time, I saw results quickly -- I followed one of the Tiny Marketing Action recipes in the second week of the program  and re-engaged an old client for a new project which more than paid for the course itself! Thanks to Pam and her team!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work for me? 

Will I need to spend a lot of time on the class each week? 

I'm not a great at social media. Is this course ok for me?

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About The Course Instructor
Pamela Slim

Pam is an author, speaker and business coach with a small business learning laboratory in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Her life's work is to build the  strength and leadership capacity of the small business market.

Over the last 24 years she has worked with thousands of business owners. Every single client she works with teaches her something new. All of them learn quickly that businesses are built by taking concrete action with real customers in the real world. 

Pam's first book, Escape from Cubicle Nation was published in 2009 and won Best Small Business/Entrepreneur book from 800 CEO Read. Body of Work was published in 2014. She is working on her third book The Widest Net that is all about expanding opportunities to get new customers.

She is most proud of her clients, and the world-changing work that they do. Their courage and success is her real business card, and the thing she is proud to stand behind every day.


About The Course Instructor
Rachel Kersten

Rachel Kersten has built a reputation as the behind the scenes strategic consultant responsible for sustainable rapid growth of information-based brands and personality-based businesses. As a world-class problem solver, she is able to see the big picture, and also knows the action steps that are required to achieve the end goal.

In 2010, Rachel began working with online businesses, and since then has masterminded many successful product launches for online courses, online summits, and digital documentary series. The products she has worked with have varied in price from $19 to $24k, and at the end of the day, they're all serving a specific niche and adding value to the customer's life.

She transitioned into entrepreneurship and online marketing from a successful corporate career in Information Technology with companies like Nissan, Target, SAP and Tractor Supply Company. Rachel's early career was in specialty bricks and mortar retail, and she's passionate about creating a great customer experience. 

You'll find Rachel to be tenacious, trustworthy and dependable. She's fun to work with, but won't sugarcoat the truth. She is also fond of doing triathalons. :)


Still wondering if this course is right for you?

The truth is, not everyone can benefit from this program.  If you’re looking for a quick fix, this isn’t for you. If you’re not willing to show up, learn, and do the work, it’s not for you. But what we can promise is that if you come with an open mind, ready to do your best, and follow the methodology, Tiny Marketing Actions: The 8 Week Experience will help you create the momentum that will grow your business. 

A final note from Pam & Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to invest in the health of your business.  Cultivating a rich ecosystem of clients, partners and mentors takes time. It is a fun, enjoyable and energizing process that does not need to be rushed. It is not a race to build your business as fast as you can. Your objective is to create a healthy, viable business, and a strong, engaged community who has a great experience with your company, and will refer great customers to you on a consistent basis.

The very best marketing strategy is always to care deeply about the problems your ideal clients face, and stay committed to solving them. This is so much more important than tricking them into buying from you. In the long run, your success is not measured by the money in your bank account, it is measured by the solutions you have provided to people you care about serving. When you do this, money, success, pride and joy will follow.

We hope that you will join us in our Tiny Marketing Actions 8 Week Experience.

Questions? We love questions!

If you have any questions at all, send an email to support@pamelaslim.com and we will get right back to you! 

Pam & Rachel

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