The Widest Net is here!

It is here, it is really here!

Today, November 11 (Happy Veteran’s Day!!), The Widest Net is released in the world.

This book has taken 6 years, thousands of miles, thousands of conversations, tears, frustration, rejection, inspiration and collaboration to come to life.

There were many steps along the way when I didn’t know if I could make it happen.

Words refused to come out of my head in an organized way, leading me to feel foggy and unclear when trying to see the structure of the book.

Publishers said the idea “wasn’t big enough.”

I watched peers and colleagues lap me with 2nd and 3rd books in the years I was trying to get this one done.

And still, as I worked the concepts day in and day out with my clients, and in our learning lab in downtown Mesa, I knew that there was something real and powerful in the concept.

What if we didn’t have to trade our soul and ethics to market our business?

What if we could build a business model based on the well-being of the entire community ecosystem, not just our own individual interests?

What if we could center and celebrate equity and inclusion in a business model?

What if entrepreneurship didn’t have to be so scary, and lonely?

What if we could have fun marketing, taking tiny actions in a reasonable and sustainable way, leading to plenty of happy customers?

What if we could discover that there is waaaaaaaay more opportunity than we ever imagined possible for our products or services?

We can. And we did.

I am passionate about this book because I have seen what it has done for my clients and community members, many featured in the book.

The Widest Net Method works.

It delivers customers.

It builds visibility, profile and thought leadership.

It changes the lives of your customers, because you are able to deliver world-class work that solves real problems in the real world.

It changes communities, galvanizing focus, energy and collaboration that literally changes the opportunities and resources available to all.

My ask

I want this book to travel far and wide, changing the way we think about marketing and business.

In order to do this, I ask you two things:

  1. Buy the Book.
    It is in Kindle, Audio and Hardcover Versions.

    All options and details are at that link, as well as the opportunity for you to get some valuable goodies including a half-day free marketing plan class next Friday, November 19.

  2. Share The Book with Your CommunityWhether you buy the book or not, if you have been impacted by my coaching, words and work over the years, it will help me to reach people not familiar with my work.

    You can share a story about our connection, a picture of the book, or just a link to the book page. Here are some ideas and images for sharing:

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

It is actually pretty uncomfortable for me to make a direct ask.

My daughter Angie, probably the best coach in my life, said this to me:

“Just ask for what you need Mom. You help people every day. Stop apologizing.”

Damn. From the mouth of babes.

My hashtag for The Widest Net the entire time I have been working on it is #WeAllNeedEachOther

I need your help today and appreciate you so much.

Let’s go build a more thriving, equitable, fun and sustainable world together.

Much love,


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