Hello friends!

Phew, how are you doing?

We are living in extraordinary times. Like you, my family and I are learning how to build a new routine with so much of our work and school on hold.

We are concerned for our friends, family, clients and neighbors, and I am sure you are too.

What can we do?

My overarching mission is strengthening the heart of our economy.

So when I feel unsure and wobbly, I find that doing things that contribute to my mission make me feel grounded and safe.

To that end, for as many weeks as we need, I will be offering free webinars and resources to help you plan for a new future.

Why “new future?”

Because as much as we would all love things just to get back to normal, it is safe to say that we are likely to be changing how we do things, and will be in a different and perhaps more challenging economic environment.

The moves we make now (including both proactive action and getting rest and quiet), can determine our flexibility and opportunity when we are able to go out and circulate in the world again.

I am comforted knowing that individually and collectively throughout history, we have weathered difficult storms (some more than others!). We are resilient, and will create a new path that is sustainable and equitable for us all.

This resource page

I will list upcoming community webinars, links to my husband Darryl’s daily meditations, as well as other resources I come across that may be helpful.

Once the webinars are complete, I will post the recordings on this page.

Feel free to share this page with anyone who finds it valuable.

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New Resource 11/5/20:

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

Free community webinars:


Date: Wednesday, June 3 at
4:30-5:30pm Pacific/7:30-8:30pm Eastern

Topic: Pam Slim Town Hall: What should we build to sustain community?

Now that we know that it will be a very long while before we are able to travel, meet and mingle in person, what do we need to build to maintain our community connections?

With so many big social and economic issues facing us, we NEED to stay connected, mobilized and actively building together.

In this virtual town hall discussion, Pam Slim will lead with some discussion questions, then you will break in groups of 3 to discuss and share perspectives. We will come together as a larger group to summarize themes and discuss implications.

It is clear we need to reimagine community — let’s be architects.

Register to attend live here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIqcOirrTwvH9DKsr8AHJZXLhoDztetxM1B

Date: Monday, May 4 at
12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Topic: Befriend Your Marketing Monsters


We ALL have both protective and unhelpful thoughts about marketing that often derail our efforts to spread our work and connect with ideal clients. Befriend Your Marketing Monsters will:

1) Introduce you to 20 unique marketing mindset “monsters” that can both help and hinder your marketing efforts

2) Introduce 4 key strategies that help you overcome fear and doubt that holds you back from sharing your work more widely, whether the fear is driven by powerful emotion, lack of time, focus on perfectionism or overwhelm.

3) Help you embrace and befriend your fears and marketing monsters, and their ability to ensure you market clearly, honestly and authentically.

Recording here:

PDF of the Slides: Befriend Your Marketing Monsters



Past Webinar Recordings and Handouts
Friday, March 20, 2020

Time: 9-10am Pacific, 12-1pm Eastern

Topic: Staying Grounded for Yourself and Your Business in the Time of COVID19


We are all feeling the effects of uncertainty, fear and instability. As business owners, this can be extra challenging, since our ability to move our business forward depends on clarity of focus, steadiness of our mind and heart, and some semblance of a plan.

In this community webinar, we will talk about the practices and frameworks that can help us stay grounded for ourselves and our business.

Link to register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-v8yxcrZQKuvMCith5pXxQ

Recording here:

PDF of the slides:

Grounding Yourself and Your Business in the Time of COVID19


Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Time: 4-5pm Pacific, 7-8pm Eastern

Topic: How to use Zoom for Virtual Group Programs


If you are used to running your programs or meetings in person, it can feel overwhelming to conduct them in a virtual setting. Using the platform of Zoom, I will demonstrate different ways you can engage your participants, as well as structure your content for maximum effectiveness.

Recording Here:

PDF of Slides:

Using Zoom for Group Programs

Zoom training videos from Zoom

Aretha Franklin’s Who’s Zooming Who – from 1985

Resource from my friend Mark Bowden: Best Tips for Virtual Meetings & Presentations Working From Home

Bonus free class from Pam: Create a Class


password: vision


Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Time: 9-10am Pacific, 12-1pm Eastern

Topic: Start or Grow Your Newsletter


Despite all of the whiz-bang tools we have for marketing our businesses and engaging with our ideal clients, email remains the tried and true tool for sustained business communication.

Learn the core steps to get your newsletter up and running in under an hour!

Recording Here:

PDF of Slides:

Start or Grow Your Newsletter


Date: Thursday, April 2

Time: 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

Topic: Working Session on Zoom Meeting: How to navigate short-term pivots with long-term planning

Read this post to get background.

Recording Here:


Short- and Long-Term Planning Worksheet

Working session chat log

Bonus from my friend Ron Tite from Church + State: C + S COVID19 Playbook


Date: Friday, April 17

Topic: How to define and expand the audience for your business

Recording here:


At a time of global economic slowdown, it can feel counterintuitive to think about expanding markets. But with so many broken norms, it can be a great time to reexamine and redefine how you want to grow your business once things get moving again.

In this webinar, audience researcher Susan Baier will share her powerful framework for defining the audiences for your business, then Pamela Slim will show you how to use this definition to explore and expand your markets far beyond your current lens.

Bonus Materials:

Here is Susan’s complete course to help you define your ideal customers:
Find Your Audience Axis — A complete course on defining your ideal client from Audience Expert Susan Baier. Enter this coupon code to get the course free of charge: BEATCOVID2020 (you will need to enter a credit card number, but nothing will be charged)


Darryl’s Daily(ish) Hózhó Meditations:

Many of you know that my husband Darryl Slim is a traditional healer from the Diné (Navajo) Nation. He is stretching his comfort zone by providing daily Hózhó meditations and prayers on Facebook Live, to support our health and well-being.

I will post his daily updates here.


3/14/20: The Nature of Existence

3/17/20: Morning Meditation: Silence and Stillness

3/20/20: Awaken to Itself Protection Prayer

3/23/20: National Day of Prayer

3/24/20: Stillness

Other Helpful Resources

Check back here and I will be adding more resources each day. If you have any suggestions, send them to pam@pamelaslim.com.

Business Development Resources

Find Your Audience Axis — A complete course on defining your ideal client from Audience Expert Susan Baier. Enter this coupon code to get the course free of charge: BEATCOVID2020

COVID-19 Resources from our friends at Productive Flourishing. Lots of great info about remote working, maintaining creativity, mental health tips, etc.

Free counseling and resources from SCORE: https://www.score.org/coronavirus

Entertainment/Support Resources

John Legend’s living room concert!

A list of free online resources for anyone who is feeling isolated at home

Curiosity Global Community Centre from Karen Ward

Education Resources

ASU for You – free resources for all learners

Online Resources & Ideas for Families with Unexpected Homeschooling from Deborah Reber of Tilt Parenting

Financial Resources


SBA Disaster relief for COVID19

Health/Mental Health Resources

Living with Grief in the Midst of COVID19 – a free webinar on Monday, March 30 from traumatic grief therapist Jennifer Levin