Playing Big with Tara Mohr



Whenever we set out to make things better in our lives — improve our career, grow our business, get in shape, make a bigger impact in the world — fear and doubt creep in.

In her work coaching women and in her own personal life, Tara Mohr saw a pattern emerge, a problem she describes as women “playing small.” Women are sitting on their big ideas rather than sharing them, holding back their most provocative questions instead of asking them. They are having a collective hallucination that they aren’t “ready” for that bigger role or next step.

She made it the focus of her work to help women start playing bigger — pursuing their dreams for their lives and careers, and sharing their voices more boldly.

Join me and Tara in this conversation where we explore these themes, and discuss ways to help women (and men) overcome barriers to playing bigger in the world.

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