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This weekend, a Mom fantasy came true, as my kids got to meet Robby Novak, aka Kid President. We were both speaking at the World Domination Summit, so we all met backstage.

They were nervous at first, since he is a real celebrity in their eyes. Their librarian at school has played all his videos for the entire school. He is a beacon of fun and positivity in our home.

After some initial awkward handshakes, they sat down and started to chat. Soon, phones came out and they began to compare games. Before long, they were laughing and teasing each other.

They ended up hanging out the whole weekend. All the masks fell away, and all that was left was kids being friends and having a great time.

Besides being delighted that my kids found a new friend, I also met another parenting objective — exposing Josh and Rosie to many different people who are making a positive difference in the world with their unique gifts.  When you have people in your circle who are inspiring to you, it is much easier to have the courage to make your own mark.

I got to have a lot of conversation with Robby’s brother-in-law, Brad Montague, who is the creative partner in KidPresident.com (check out their new book here: http://soulpancake.com/kpbook/.) He is one of the most loving and truly genuine people I have ever met. I was so inspired to see how Brad has taken a value we share — that kids have unique insight and really valuable advice — and created a project that has had massive positive impact on the world.

Thanks to Robby and Brad’s example, Josh, Rosie and I are working on our own idea for a book — parenting advice from a kid’s perspective. Now that we have seen what they have done, the idea seems a lot more feasible.

I hope you get the chance to expand your circle of awesome peers very soon.

Exciting tour news — Austin, Denver and Orlando added! And Nancy Duarte is hosting the Silicon Valley Stop on 7/29!

I have been so excited by the wonderful response to my community building tour! Due to popular requests, I added 3 new cities: Austin, TX, Denver, CO and Orlando, FL.

And I am super excited to announce the first tour hosts — Mothership Hackermoms in Berkeley on 7/28 (almost sold out) and Duarte, my hero Nancy Duarte’s firm in Sunnyvale for the 7/29 event. Nancy will be stopping by that workshop to share some of her insight into the role that story plays in building community. I may faint with joy when I get to introduce Nancy (my High Council of Jedi Knights member friend) to the rest of my community.

This tour is truly a collaborative effort, admittedly somewhat herculean with all the organizing details, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner I will know the final group size in each city and can lock down the location details. If you see your city on the list and want to offer your office meeting space, co-working space, or other cool location to host a great group, let me know by hitting reply. This approach is MUCH more fun than meeting in sterile hotel rooms!

Details and registration here:


I hope to see you there, in your own awesome circle of peers!

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