Ready to Scale?

Nothing feels better than knowing you have great content that truly solves the problems of your ideal clients.

If you or your small team are the only people who can deliver your programs, the pace can be exhausting, and the ability to scale impossibly constrained.


For many experts, increased organizational demand for your processes or programs brings up the idea of licensing or certification.

But it can be scary to do so if you do not have a specific method for ensuring that you can extend your impact and income without losing the quality and integrity of your program.

I have been building training and certification programs for over 25 years.

I will help you see all kinds of options for designing a program that fits for your market, your brand, your values and your business goals. The process is straight-forward, but it is NOT a one-size-fits-all.

In a licensing and/or certification engagement, we will:

  1. Evaluate the current state and structure of your intellectual property
  2. Determine the best strategy for scaling: train the trainer, licensing or certification
  3. Scope the specific materials to be developed
  4. Evaluate and leverage your existing team resources and/or scope additional support needed
  5. Build the IP and marketing materials
  6. Develop legal licensing agreements

Projects range from $2500 – $25,000, depending on the needs, scope and roles.

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Client Feedback

Jenny Blake

I always knew licensing could transform my business, but it felt like an intimidating black box of the business world—akin to winning the lottery. Incredibly exciting, but completely mysterious as to how to land a contract of that size—and I was intimidated about how to fulfill it without sounding like an amateur. Taking Pam's licensing course helped me wrap my mind around what a program of this scale would require, how to think about every step, ways to design the training, and the contracts I would need to get in place. When my first client asked about licensing Pivot a year later, I was so much more prepared than I would have been! This course gave me a huge boost of confidence and the practical tips I needed to sound professional going into the design phase. I'm proud to say that two years later I just landed my second client! Huge thanks to Pam for shedding light on this topic for so many of us—just as she always does 🙂

Michael Port

NY Times, WSJ bestseller author of Book Yourself Solid

Pam Slim is not only one of my favorite business authors she's also one of the best small business advisors in the world. On top of that she is a professional of impeccable character and integrity. If she says she can do something for you it means she can, no ifs ands or buts. Do whatever you can to learn by her side. It'll change your future.