Let’s make impact in 2019

The end of the year always brings the self-development crews out en masse to help us choose our annual words, phrases, visions, plans and goals.

As a self-development nerd and Virgo, I love all of it.

And yet, it can feel really overwhelming to make so many choices at a time when the weather and social patterns slow us down.

I look at the world through a Body of Work perspective, so for each year, I like to think about what I am creating, and for whom.

Exactly how that will happen will be the focus of weekly, monthly and quarterly plans. That can include things like sales goals, list building numbers and team goals.

But the starting place is always getting clarity on one question:

What impact do I want to make with my life this year?

The answer to that question can look very different from year to year.

One year, you can choose to pull way back on big business goals and projects and choose to impact your loved ones or kids very directly.

Another year, you can choose to go all out and build and launch a whole bunch of new ideas, projects and programs.

Another year you may choose to make a big pile of money so you can impact your financial health and well-being in the long-term.

There is no right answer.

The only answer that matters for you is one that is aligned with your vision, your heart, your resources and your energy.

To help you get clarity on your impact goal this year, here are three questions:

The 3 Impact Questions:

  1. What does impact mean to me at this time in my life and body of work?
  2. Who do I care about impacting most this year?
  3. What specific impact do I want to make?

Impact Requires Alignment

I know that I have many multipotentialites in my community (I am one of them), and if you are wired this way, then narrowing down your many ideas and interests into a singular focus can feel restrictive and even oppressive.

So I choose to use the word “alignment” instead of “focus,” because I believe that you can do a number of different projects that all contribute to a bigger impact goal.

For example, this year, I will be writing a new book about business-building ecosytems, while using my ecosystem model in partnership with academic institutions, while building my own local community using the model, while teaching a broad virtual audience about business and ecosystem building.

This will ensure that my conceptual work is aligned with practical work. It will ensure I have great real-life stories and situations to share in the book. And it will support the people I choose to work deeply with in a coaching relationship, so that I can have the time, frameworks and resources to help them build their own deep and rich business ecosystems.

By being aligned in my actions, my messaging and communication will have a bigger impact, and I will gain exposure and reputation in my area of expertise and interest.

Reflect, Revitalize, Regenerate

If you have a moment for a long walk or quiet reflection, I encourage you to meditate on the question

What impact do I want to make with my life this year?”

As you walk into 2019, you will have all kinds of ways to bring this impact alive.

Enjoy the journey.

I am glad we get to walk it together.

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  1. Renee Rubin Ross says

    Hi Pam,
    thanks for this inspiring post, which was exactly what I needed to hear today. It has been helpful for me to understand there are many ways that we can contribute to the world out there, and it’s okay (actually productive!) to focus in on the ones we want to work on now. And we might focus on those other ways of contributing at some future time.
    Look forward to hearing more about the impact that you and your community have in 2019.

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