Our programming falls into four categories:


Ship Your Ideas
Take action on building and shipping your projects and programs. No more procrastinating!


Get More Customers
Build strong, sustainable marketing practices so you attract a healthy flow of the right customers


Sharpen Your Skills
Grow your ability to manage and lead your business by developing your skills as a business owner


Build Your Community
Grow a healthy, vibrant, supportive circle of customers, peers, partners and advocates that will strengthen your business while contributing to well-being for all.

Our Classes!

After a busy summer getting moved into our beautiful new space at K’é at 126 Main Street in Mesa, Arizona, we are ready to open the doors to a wide range of live classes and events, designed to improve the skills, operations and cash flow of small business owners.

Our audience is ALL small business owners around the globe — while local folks can attend in person, we will also host many new virtual learning experiences, and build a powerful library of tools, courses and resources. We will also host longer workshops and events for people who want to fly into Arizona and join an amazing group of peers from around North America.

We want our content and events to be excellent and priced at a level that is accessible for hard-working small business owners.

K'e Storefront