3 Ways we can work together in Q1 2017!

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Happy Holidays!

We are working like elves here at K’é to get ready for the many experiments, adventures and deeply transformational experiences to help small business owners realize their full potential in 2017.

My main challenge is wanting to do everything at once, since there is so much creative opportunity!

You may feel the same way about your business coming into 2017.

As a way to help you preview what is coming up, and to select the type of experience that is most relevant to you, I wanted to share the 3 ways we can work together in Q1, 2017:

Something small and focused to kick your business off in the new year:

If you want to spend a short period of time building something concrete to grow your business, you will love my 30 Day Challenges, which take place between January 4 -February 4, 2017.

I ran these in November, and they were AWESOME!

You can choose to:

  • Create a class
  • Create a powerful presentation
  • Write an ebook
  • Launch (or fix) your newsletter
  • Get your mojo back

Find out more here:


An in-depth business retreat to get clarity about your direction, focus and plans for 2017:

If you want a deep, strategic planning event with lots of feedback and peer input, you will love my Business Boost Retreat, that I am teaching with Susan Baier on February 16-17, 2017.


We launched this last November, and had an amazing experience and results. We can’t wait to welcome the next group of 15 into our creative space!

A longer 6 month coaching program, where you will connect with me and peers with consistent feedback and accountability:

If you want to participate over a longer period of time in a program that is specifically designed to help you deliver the work you have planned, develop excellent habits for getting your great work done, and build a strong community, you will love Momentum 2017, which starts on January 11, and runs through the end of June.


I have special early bird pricing for all these programs through December 31, 2016, so if you are eager to start off 2017 with focus and support, let’s get to it!

If you have questions about any of the programs, just send a message to support@pamelaslim.com !

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