"The quality of your life, and business, is directly related to the quality of your stories. Tell them well." - Pamela Slim, Body of Work


Pamela Slim is a passionate, engaging speaker with proven advice for building thriving careers in the "new world of work" - a world filled with economic instability, rapid change, increased demands on leadership, work-life balance pressures and 24 hour a day social media sharing.

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“I have seen a thousand business speakers, but the messages of only a handful remain in my mind. Out of that handful, one stands out for her presence, her passion and her integrity: Pam Slim. Hire Pam to speak and your audience will be engaged and move to action – and that is the only test of a speaker that matters.” – Nick Morgan, Expert Speaking Coach and author of Trust Me

Body of Work

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Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together.

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